Patrick “Paddy” Nolan was the first Prince Edward Island born player to reach the NHL. Nolan, born in Charlottetown, on December 1, 1897, made a career playing with senior teams in Nova Scotia but also he also had a “cup of coffee” in the National Hockey League. Nolan was signed as a free agent by the Toronto St. Pats just two days before Christmas on December 23, 1921. The left wing and defenseman would only play in two games with the St. Pats but he paved the way for other Island players to make it to the big leagues in the future.

Nolan didn’t pick up a point in his brief NHL stint. He returned to the Maritimes to have a successful amateur career which lasted until 1931. After that he coached high school teams in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.
Two other senior players who joined the St. Pats along with Nolan, Ted Stackhouse from Wolfeville, Nova Scotia and Stan Jackson, who hailed from Parsboro, Nova Scotia, stayed with the Toronto club and helped them win the Stanley Cup in 1921-22.

Not much more is known about Nolan or about his childhood.
He died on April 12, 1957 in New Glasgow, at the age of 59.

1921-22 Toronto St.Pats